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I’m so sick of beer. I just passed a new restaurant opening up called HopDaddy – Beer and Burgers. How original!

When did beer become more than just…well, beer? It’s now the bagel place, yogurt shop, wine bar of yesterday. Remember for the longest time there was a bagel shop on every corner?

That eventually led to over saturation and people getting sick and tired of “Original New York Style” or the bits about how the water makes all the difference.

Then one day…boom, sort of like the .com bust, but less press coverage and bankruptcies, you couldn’t find a bagel place to save your life.

Beer, or more specifically “beer and…fill in the blank”, “craft beer” and my favorite “the beer culture” are becoming almost as annoying as the wine bars of a few years ago.

Why does this happen? Why can’t a good idea be just that? Why does it have to be copied and run into the ground until you can’t even look at a frozen yogurt place without remembering the 1987 wave of them and their odd connection to your mom’s Jazzercise class? Maybe that last part is just me, but you get what I’m saying.

I wish when something new and cool came along it was just left alone. Maybe a few variations on it, but not this craziness. Oh, another one currently driving me nutty, cupcakes. I mean when did they become the ice cream cakes of the late 80s?

Shouldn’t brilliant entrepreneurs put their efforts into the next best thing instead of beating the same barely good idea to death?

Peanut butter and jelly could use some attention, or…deviled eggs. I love deviled eggs.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Reoccurring Dream.

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  1. I’m not big on beagles, myself. My friend has two collies and a Dalmatian. I don’t like them much, either. And I don’t like cats. Unless I’ve had a few beers. I’ve had a few beers already and, for the life of me, I can’t see the connection with beagles. Beer-battered cats…yum. But beagles? No.

    At ant rate, keep up the good work, Cupcake.

    • My mom has a beagle. He’s super cute. Seems like there would be a high grooming bill attached to a Collie. I think they actually make little bagel treats for dogs. Maybe I should get some bagels for my mom’s beagle, or I could just grab a beer. Always a pleasure, Ron.

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