Driving Cap

There are people, a handful in a lifetime, that are so pure in their intention it actually takes your breath away.

People that see where they are needed most, regardless of title or accolade.

People with the excitement of youth tempered by the patience of age.  They are the ones we turn to when things are confusing or difficult.  They are the people that lighten a mood with a joke or a long winded story.  They are full and often quirky.

These are the people that take in and mentor those that a high and mighty would pass right over.  They understand, teach and shepherd without condescension.

They are the ones that conduct themselves in a way that makes everyone around them, if they’re paying attention, want to be better, smarter, spunkier, somehow…more.

These people come into our lives for a moment, a year, a wedding, a blessing, or a lifetime and we are different because of them.  They broaden our scope and show us, by example, that life is to be lived, taken in with a very deep breath and slowly exhaled until we have given breath to those that must continue on past our time.

These people are rare and stunning whether they sweep in with bold colors, a booming voice, a gentle touch or a driving cap and suspenders.  They are precious.  Gifted with a wicked sense of humor, a wink at the absurdities in life, they are real, approachable and humble.

When these people leave our lives it is scary.  They have whispered their goodbye and moved on, but it is those of us left behind that know life has changed.  Things will be different and we question whether we are up to the task of carrying on in the shadow of such an incredibly wonderful human being.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Rest Bill.

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