I’m a little “apptastic” lately and with that comes some guilt and self reflection.

I realize most people just buy apps for their phone or iPad and enjoy the hell out of themselves.  They launch birds at pigs or keep a photo catalogue of their shoes or the contents of their house.  There’s no reason to feel guilty about buying apps.

Apps are fun, everyone uses them.

There in lies the issue for me, I tend to be suspicious of anything that “everyone uses”.  I’m not sure what childhood neurosis this stems from, but I have a little self alarm that goes off when I feel like one of the lemmings.  Just between you and me…sometimes I’ll actually avoid things, shut things off, to NOT be in the know.  I feel better if I’m a little on the fringe.

Weird, I know, but it’s how I’m wired.

Back to the point of the post, I recently purchased an app that simulates rain.  Yes, I started out on the Rainy Mood Website.  You go to the site and it rains, realistic rain too, with drips and thunder.  It’s very cool.  This led me to getting the Rainy Mood App.  It does the same thing while I’m in the car.  I haven’t tried it yet.  I wonder if I’ll be tempted to turn the windshield wipers on?

I also got the app Songza.  This is sort of like Pandora, but it groups music based on what you’re doing, so you can select Music to Relax, or Music to Wake You Up.  It’s new and fun, but I can’t use it while I’m driving or I go right off onto the shoulder.

I have the electronic app for the Moleskine notebooks, even though I barely use the real notebooks, but I like the concept and hope springs eternal.  I have an app that helps me with character names, and Grammar Girl’s app is super fun because you have to identify parts of speech before time runs out.  I even have an app that tracks my “cycle”.  Okay, that was a bit of an over share, but you get what I’m saying.

Lately, I feel like I do sometimes when I realize I don’t remember my times tables, but I do know that Beyonce and Jay Z trademarked their child’s name.

It’s hard to stay grounded with all the shiny toys.  They are so pretty and everywhere.  I always feel like I need to play in the dirt or mail a real letter when I get in these moods.  Maybe it’s time for an App Detox, just in case something is trying to take over my brain and turn me into a drone.  I wonder if there’s an app for that?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Apples are Bad Before Bed.

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  1. I REALLY love your blog! You inspire me beyond words. So witty and creative, I find myself skipping over the other “blogs I follow” to read yours. I aspire to be as good and entertaining as you. Please, keep up the good work.

  2. i share the avoiding things because everyone is doing it/getting one habit.
    i’ve found this habit sometimes can be of benefit, sometimes not.
    i don’t (yet) have a smartphone (i call it a smartypants phone and nearly everyone i know has one) so i don’t know of all the apps you wrote about
    except the p-tracker
    which a close friend has and told me about and honestly i think that is the coolest thing in the world that it’s on her phone.
    to me, it’s not an overshare
    but i’m interested in all things cyclic and body
    great post
    may you never be a drone.

    • The iPhone really is a love/hate relationship, and the P Tracker is very cool. I must be interested in things cyclical too. It’s reassuring to know things are on track. Hahaha. Thanks for reading. May you stay unique too.

  3. I got a smart phone, but found I don’t need all the apps everyone talks about. I guess I’m stuck in the mud. I like having a camera and my own telephone book but I don’t get the rest.

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