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Stacks with many old booksYou never take the one on display or the one on top.

I’m a little obsessed with going to the bottom of the barrel, or the back of the shelf when I pick things out.  I will look at something, decide if I want it and then take the one that is five boxes back.  I don’t want the first one, the one everyone has picked up or shaken.  I have convinced myself that the one in the back, that no one notices, is the best.

I check dates on milk and I will go shoulder deep to make sure I am getting the freshest milk.  It gets a little crazy when it comes to produce because I’ll dig and move berry cartons around to make sure there isn’t some super crispy, pick of the crop, waiting for me in the dark recesses of the display.

I don’t like what is being pushed, what’s on show or has been touched by everyone, I never have.  I like the hidden treasure, the book in the back with the perfect untouched cover, or the unsung bunch of bananas that may be a little green now, but they will light up a fruit bowl in a couple of days.

People magazine just announced that the Sexiest Man Alive is…Adam Levine.  It’s a silly title, I know, and hopefully Adam doesn’t really think there is value in the paper crown.  He’s not my type, but I’m sure he’s sexy in a lot of circles.  Whether he is sexy or not, is really irrelevant.  It’s People magazine and their job is to shine up the most popular, for whatever reason, and put them on top for readers to follow and buy.  It’s all part of the sell and I get it.

At the same time, CNN announced their Hero of the Year.  Chad Pregracke is a man so beyond People magazine, or CNN for that matter.  Even though he’s being recognized right now, he will soon return to the world underneath all the overripe fruit, behind the dented cans and the shiny display.  I see the irony that I never would have known about him without CNN, but it’s a really big grocery store out there, lots of digging, and sometimes I guess I do see things I like in the ads. Regardless, Chad is the apple worth finding, the milk that gives you a full week before it gets yucky.

My kids think I’m crazy when I say, “Grab one in the back,” but I know what I’m doing.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Back to Bed.

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  1. Love this! There are many things we don’t see unless we look beyond the shiny things. This also cracked me up because I just returned from the grocery store—looking for red and yellow peppers. I dug to the bottom because all the peppers on top looked a bit “used”. I left the store without any, because even at the bottom, and pushed far back, they were all pitiful. I always buy the stuff from the back. 🙂

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