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My mother used to say, “Okay, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

She raised a particularly dramatic child, so this little pearl of wisdom was heard a lot in our house.  It’s an odd visual.  I have always taken it to mean while you are getting rid of something you feel needs changing or cleaning, be sure to keep what is good, what you are working toward.

I read an article today that made me think of the bathwater baby business.  The article talked about women that took pictures of themselves in their underwear.  Apparently this is a movement and women are posting these photos on the Facebook page of a plus size lingerie store called Curvy Girls.  I haven’t been to the page, the article was enough for me.

The title is Amazing Lingerie Photos Remind Us What “Real Bodies” Look Like. I have so many issues with this, I’m not sure where to begin.

The women in the pictures are large, they are all very large.  They are not the different shapes of women, they are just one type of woman.  I believe women have been judged based on our bodies for so long and women that are heavy have been teased and made to feel unsexy and invisible.  That’s the bathwater and I’m all for throwing that out.

Here’s the baby I desperately hoped we were moving toward…

A gender united in declaring we are varied, worthy, colorful and dynamic.  Women that stand united in not judging ourselves on stretch marks, sexual prowess, marital status or bra size.  Women that accept each other and refuse to participate in the “Who’s sexier?  Who’s a ‘real’ woman?” debate.

This article insinuates, quite boldly, that “real” bodies are big bodies.  This is the same type of garbage that isolated these women in the first place.  So now women that are tiny, small breasted, straight up and down are no longer “real”, not sexy?

And what about all of us that fall somewhere in the middle?  The plus size women, in their need to declare themselves “sexy and curvy and real” are now throwing the rest of us under the bus and saying they are the ideal.  It’s all judging, it’s based on a “them” and “us” mentality.  Women with healthy bodies, women that work hard to perform in sports, are not “real”?

This is an absolutely ridiculous and insulting article.

Before I begin my relaxation exercises, I will end with…Women are clearly only sexy when they are in a bra and panties on Facebook?  I’m guessing when women were beaten in picket lines and fighting for our right to vote, or an education, they had no idea we would be pissing those opportunities away on nonsense like this.

Until women realize that “all” women, even the supposedly evil Victoria’s Secret models,  are deserving of acceptance, respect and appreciation, the baby is as gone as the bathwater.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Share the Bed.

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  1. I loved this post! The arguments around the idea of a real woman always end up alienating one portion of us. Statements like that do nothing to change the mindset that is in a real need of a transformation

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