End on End Cuff

Artichokes are cool.

They are like trilobites, well maybe not, because I’ve never eaten a trilobite.  Artichokes are similar, that’s the word, to trilobites in that they are interesting to look at and their structure suggests they have been around forever.  Both are primitive, complicated and yet simple.  They each have a squishy center surrounded by a maze of thorns and hard stuff.

Wow, I’m not sure where this post is going and tomorrow is New Years Eve.  I need to start the year with my A Game and I’ve got…artichokes and trilobites.  Sigh…well, it’s too late now, let’s finish this up.

Artichokes are yummy.  Butter, mayonnaise and lots of garlic, I love them.  I’m a scrapper, I eat the whole thing.  I’m not one of those people that just pulls off all the leaves and eats the heart. Those people are cheaters.  The leaves must be eaten, it should be a rule.  Artichokes are an end of the year food.  They remind me of my dad and the early 80s.

Trilobites are probably not tasty with or without mayonnaise, but they would certainly survive the end of the mankind.  And there you have it…

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Weird Dream.

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