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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s CVS?

CVS has decided it’s new business model is to move toward a “place of wellness.”  I’m not sure that’s going to work, in fact, I’m pretty sure they will go bankrupt.

It appears part of their plan is to remove cigarettes from all stores by October.  The CEO stated the purpose of CVS is to help people on their “path to better health” and that “put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.”

Well, I suppose the cigarettes are a good start.  Although, I’m not normally a fan of the “hide it and it will go away” philosophy.  Smoking is down to 18% among adults in this country.  That’s because individual adults have chosen differently for themselves, not because they don’t have access.

That being said, cigarettes are unhealthy and smoking does seem to be the current bad boy on the playground, so it’s a good move.

CVS has stated they will absorb the revenue loss by offering more clinics and “healthy lifestyle services,” but, how are they going to absorb the loss once they eliminate the alcohol?  What about the RedBull, 90% of the food and drinks they sell, all the while dedicating funds to reduce prescription fraud and prescription drug abuse?

I’m not sure this “all things unhealthy prohibition” makes good business sense.

Because surely if CVS is now putting themselves up as a “place of wellness” then all of those other things will have to go too, right?

Obesity is rapidly becoming the cause of more health problems and deaths than smoking in this country.  Alcohol has always been a targeted bully and yet eliminating it only made the mob happy.  Red Bull…don’t get me started.  More young people are developing heart conditions every day due to this highly marketed garbage.

So once CVS is finished with their transformation they will be left with…batteries, sunscreen and Chia Pets.  I’m sure going to miss those Cadbury eggs at Easter.

It could be their plan is not as inclusive?  That they don’t really care about us?

Oh, wow, maybe this “place of wellness” is all just a gimmick and they’re using the elimination of cigarettes as a big PR blitz?

Nah, they’re above that, right?

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Don’t Smoke In Bed.

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