Book Sleeve

I love my Nook.

It’s easy to use and colorful.  All my little book images are alphabetical.  I can search.  It’s a wonderful yippee piece of technology, but there are certain books I still buy in hard cover or paperback.  I just have to.

I’ve been know to read a book on my Nook and then buy it in paper to put on my shelf.  Sometimes I never read the paper copy, I simply want to have it, hold it in my hand.  There are a few authors I always buy in paper because I love them, everything they write, and it feels…well, more personal.

When I buy a book on my Nook, it’s fun and convenient.  When I buy a book in paper it means I’m in love.  It’s a gesture, my way of saying to the author, “Your story is fantastic and I want to have it with me always.  Even if the batteries die or the electricity goes off.”

There’s a visceral reaction when I run my hands along books.  They’re tangible, soulful. Words on printed pages strung together and bound as they have been for lifetimes before me.  It’s essential.  I honestly couldn’t be without them.

When I was a little girl, my mother caught me tearing the pages out of a book.  I don’t recall why, maybe I wanted to make the book shorter.  I hated to read when I was younger.  Anyway,  I remember her taking the book from me and explaining that, “Books are very precious things.”

Truer words were never spoken.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Fall Asleep Reading.


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    • Brie –
      Thank you so much for the compliment and the nomination. Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t qualify because I have more than 300 followers. Thanks for thinking of me and congratulations to you and your blog.

  1. Lovely. I’m the same, I buy books on my kindle because it’s convenient and some of them are so cheap so it makes me read outside of my usual genres, and I also like to support people that are trying to break into writing independently. But I LOVE paper books. I have shelves full and I like the way they look, not just the fact that I like to smell books. Just stick my nose in there and have a great big sniff. Nothing better! I like the feel of paper, and turning the pages. I like the way that they are heavy in your bag or pocket and that I still carry them despite that. I actually judge whether bags are worth buying on their ability to hold a paperback. I thought what you said about buying them on your nook and then buying them in print was funny! I do that too! I bought the whole Song of Ice and Fire series on my kindle before I bought the box set because it was much cheaper, but then I saw the box set in the Works for a reduced price and just got them without thinking twice. I knew that I already had them, but I wanted to have them in paper too. You know, just in case. I don’t know what in case of, but, just in case. Our house now has three copies of the whole series as my brother has the books too. It’s a bit mad really. Print books are more accessible too (maybe I should just write my own post on this!) Libraries just wouldn’t work with e-books. Not in my opinion. People would steal them, or you would HAVE to read in the library and not take the books away with you, which defeats the purpose of a library. And kids books don’t work on e-books because the pictures aren’t as big or as good.
    Bleh! That’s my penny’s worth (or rather pound’s worth!)

    • It’s so great when someone gets something you write. You clearly get it, Alys. I too love the smell of books and the turning the pages bit is so true. I’ve never thought about e-books in libraries. Oh, I hope that never happens. What a loss that would be. Thanks for your comment.

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