Warning:  This post is a rant.  If you are not in the mood, or you’re super sensitive, or maybe even if you bring your dog into Starbucks.  You should close out and come back later.

Take Our Daughters…and Sons to Work Day.

Stop.  This has really got to stop.

The day was originally Take Our Daughters to Work Day.  The intention was to expose young girls to careers and help build self esteem to a level of “everything is possible.”  Interesting idea, a positive way to expand what it means to be female.  Not a solution to any major issues, but a stone in the long path.

Things were going along fine and then as we approached the millennium the grumbling began.  Boys are not included.  Boys need to know about things too.  They shouldn’t be excluded.  Moms of boys were pissed…did you get that?  Moms…women…were upset that boys…men…were not included in a “girl day.”  They were “being discriminated against” and “felt left out.”  I…words fail me.

In response, Ms. Magazine (they started the day) put out a proposal that boys could have Boy’s Day.  It would be on a Sunday, and would allow them to explore “in home” responsibilities traditionally tasked to women, since this was the only area that would expand their perspective and possibilities .

Yeah, that one didn’t take off.  After sponsor threats and a stupid amount of upheaval, the day became Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

What the hell is going on?  Why does everything have to be for everyone?  Why do girls want to be in the Boy Scouts?  Why does everyone get a ribbon at field day?  When was it decided everyone is a winner?

Life is not always fair and easy and ice cream.  What are we teaching children with this garbage?

Girls need soccer and skeet shooting just as much as dance class, but it’s okay if they realize they can’t be in the Boy Scouts.  I’m certain equal pay would be a bigger coup as they get older than the odd accomplishment of being one of the few girls in a smelly boy’s club.

Boys should cook and dance just as much as they play sports, but it’s okay that they don’t get to participate in Take Our Daughters to Work Day.  That day is not for them, we’re celebrating girls in the workplace, not boys.

I feel like “no” is a bad word lately.

What’s next no more Ladies Room and Men’s Room…just Room?  What about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?  Is that bad too because what if you don’t have a mother or what if dads feel left out on that day?

I can honestly say I never feel left out on Father’s Day.  Even when I was young and dads came to school to celebrate and I didn’t have one, it was okay.  Life is not even, our canvases are vastly different.  A sanitized, don’t ruffle any feathers world diminishes accomplishment, stifles unique and seems so boring.

Whew.  I think I’m done.  Oh, one more thing…Jack and Jill baby showers.  Quit it.

I guarantee you most guys don’t want to be there.  That doesn’t mean they won’t be great dads or that they are Neanderthals who won’t change diapers, it just means it’s ribbons and cake pops and flower time for a bunch of sassy celebrating women.  No boys allowed.

That’s all from the laundry room.  No Bedtime.


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  1. Thank you! We don’t have a take your daughter’s to work thing in the UK, but what you said about the scouts applies. When I was younger I was in the Brownies and they did nothing interesting, whereas the cubs and scouts got to do interesting things and go on camping trips. It’s no wonder that girls would rather be in the scouts, but instead of allowing that, why don’t they just look at the Brownies and Guides and CHANGE what they offer to girls? And while you’re at it, make the boys do flower arranging; why not? They might like it…

    • I so agree. I was in Brownies too and thought I would scream if we made one more damn pot holder. I’m not familiar with the Girl Scouts these days, but hopefully they get with the picture soon. Boy Scouts could use a little flower arranging, that’s for sure. 🙂

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