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Warning:  This post is a rant.  If you are not in the mood, or you’re super sensitive, or maybe even if you bring your dog into Starbucks.  You should close out and come back later. Take Our Daughters…and Sons to Work Day. Stop.  This has really got to stop. The day was originally Take Our Daughters to…

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Vintage Pants

Michael has a garden. Tomatoes, peppers and this season…strawberries.  Four different kinds. He has vines planted on one wall of the side yard that has become his “space” and we just bought a great table for potted plants and tools. It’s starting to come together. Maggie is highly invested in the garden and has been…

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Snap Up Shirt

Today’s Father’s Day and our home is minus a father.  Michael had an emergency at work and has been at it all day. Not a very fun time, but the damn email server has to be fixed and running by Monday morning.  I just spoke to him and while he’s tired, he sounded almost excited.…

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