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Today’s Father’s Day and our home is minus a father.  Michael had an emergency at work and has been at it all day.

Not a very fun time, but the damn email server has to be fixed and running by Monday morning.  I just spoke to him and while he’s tired, he sounded almost excited.  Happy to be working on something and things had gotten better throughout the day, so he was getting somewhere.

When Michael and I were younger he was…well, he was just shy of crazy.  He had wild ideas and at one point tried to convince me we should take advantage of something called Air Courier.

This program paid you to board planes at a moment’s notice and transport packages for different companies.  “We can travel all over the world,” he used to say.  “You just have to deliver a package and then you can make a vacation out of wherever you are.”

Michael and I were newly married and 21 at the time.  I looked at him like he was nuts.  First of all, what the hell are these packages and why don’t these people deliver them on their own? It never made any sense to me, but Michael…he thought it was great and used to come home and say, “Do you want to go to Morocco this weekend?  We’d have to leave in about 5 hours.” Crazy right?

But there was something about him…there still is.  He’s infectious and enthusiastic, exhausting, always has been.

That energy makes for a great father.  There’s nothing my children can’t bring to him.  He listens, laughs and believes in their dreams no matter how out there.  My son could come home and say he wants to train elephants for a living and by dinner Michael would be talking to him about different types of elephants and where he can get the best training.  He brings that vitality and energy to everything he does and since becoming a father, everything our children do or dream.  If it’s too out there, he’ll show them a different approach.

We never went on Air Courier, it really did sound stupid, but we’ve been out of the country many times and almost always with our children.  Michael continues to push for and plan travel with an enthusiasm that can get really annoying, but at least we don’t have to deliver any strange packages.

Having the courage to be a silly heart and working hard to ensure your children have a safe space to discover their own, that makes for a special father.

Happy Father’s Day, Michael!

That’s all from the laundry room.  Loud Alarm.

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