I make my bed every day.

Sometimes at 5 AM and sometimes not until 5 PM, but every day, good day or bad, I line up the pillows.

Today was a 4:30 PM day.  As I smoothed out my quilt, I wondered why I do what I do?  The day is almost over.  I’m going to jump back under the covers in a few hours, so why bother?

Because it is something I can accomplish each day.  No matter what hits the fan, no matter how ugly things are, or how lost in a list or a job, I can accomplish one goal.

It’s mindless and tactile.  I like the feel of the sheets.  There’s something comforting about pillows.

I do it to make sure when it’s time for bed I have a clean orderly place to rest my head.  Silly, I guess, but I have learned that the big things are super complicated and often sort themselves out if I can just stay out of the way.

The little things, the details, baby steps are what separate the functioning crazies from the aliens have landed and we are at war crazies.

So, there are mornings I spring out of bed, optimistic, and I quickly make my bed.  On those days I move on to more pressing or exciting matters.  The bed is an afterthought.

Today making my bed was the main goal.  The only goal.  It was the center of my day and it helped me hold on.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Make Your Bed.

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