Drip Dry

She stumbled out of the bar, as she had seamless nights before.

Mouth like cotton, the dull streetlights again swirled dizzy.

Beers to shots by midnight and a bouncer’s grip by two.

Slouched in a taxi, she wondered where she was heading.



writing Yeah Write

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  1. “The dull streetlights again swirled dizzy.” I love that line, though I like “seamless,” too. The final line holds so much meaning -and answers the question. Nicely done.

  2. Very powerful sentence formation! I’d like to beleive that now that she’s asked herself the question, the answer shall not be far away. She’ll figure out what’s it all adding upto 🙂

  3. I agree with GennaClaire about the beers to shots line. I loved that. But I was definitely a little thrown by “seamless.” My eye tripped right over it and inserted the word I anticipated it would be “countless.” I had to go back and reread it correctly.

    • It is so funny how our internal editor works. I could have gone with “countless” or “endless,” but I wanted it to seem like one long never ending experience. Not sure where “seamless” came from, but it got to stay. Thanks for reading and your comment.

    • I like YeshuM’s comment because my favorite part about your post is the last line….because it can be taken at face value or can be taken as a deeper philosophical meaning-of-life sort of statement. And, taken the latter way, that is really what it all adds up to. Brilliant.

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