I am home from the beach.

We went for a week to visit my mom and Gil.  We go every year for the 4th of July. There were eight of us because each child brought a friend.  First time with friends and it was different…good different.

A new layer.

I baked, we played charades, ate crabs and slept in.  It was…needed and light, it was another memory.  I’m getting older, so are my children and so is my mom.

Things are shifting and I think I’m okay with that so long as we continue to have slow, lazy, tri-tip, card playing weeks.

I have been a lot of places.  Done things that are considered exciting or “Oh my, that’s so cool!”  Nothing compares the cool damp morning air when Michael and I sneak away for coffee or my mother’s soft cheek when I kiss her goodnight after she’s made sure there is no food left on the counter.

There is no glamourous city, no mountain, no jet set adventure that compares to my children’s wild free eyes when we hit California.  I wouldn’t trade watching cheesy English detective shows or everyone I love relaxed and laughing in the same place, for anything.

It’s simple, I feel still.  I eat too much bread and rarely shower.

It is the essence of something that honestly can’t be explained.  It is what I will remember and miss the most when my time is up.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Sleep Tight.

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