Mixed Colors

I found something called a Color Emotion Key while I was wasting time on Pinterest  writing my book that should have been done yesterday.  It lists colors and the corresponding emotion or meaning.  “The colors you are drawn to tell a great deal about your emotional state,” it says.

I’m a sucker for this stuff.  I am always wondering what makes me “me.”  So, my favorite color is orange.

Orange is the color of psychosis.  Psychosis is “an abnormal condition of the mind.”  Hmm…not really the answer I was looking for.  Wait, there’s a dark orange and a bright orange differentiation.  Yay!

Dark orange is the color of suspicion.  Sigh…bright orange?  The color of curiosity.    Better.  There’s nothing wrong with curiosity, except what it did to the poor cat.  This color business is not giving me what I need, seems sketchy.

Hold on, I like orange, but I don’t wear a lot of it, it’s not exactly my favorite “to wear” color.  Maybe that’s what they mean.

Favorite color “to wear”…navy blue or black.  Yes!  Those are my colors.  Surely I’m dark, mysterious, Coco sophisticated.

Dark blue is the color of depression.  Black…corruption.  Who wrote this?  Color Emotion is stupid and it makes no sense.

Not nearly as accurate as that What’s Your Spirit Animal? quiz I took last week. Following a few questions, probably written by scientists or…spiritual masters,  some incredibly reputable website determined I was an owl.  That’s right!

Cool, enchanting, wise.  The bird of Harry Potter.  Clearly, I’m an owl, right?


My thoughts from the laundry room.  Dark, please.

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  1. I find those quizzes equally annoying (and the results even more so) especially when there is no good correct choice among the choices given. I consider those the flaw in the results and dismiss them easily. Still, found this post extremely amusing. Pfft!

  2. Come scan my bookshelves. The Wisdom of the Enneagram. What Color is Your Aura? Myers-Briggs. Oy. It’ll make your head spin. You know who you are, sister:). You’re bright orange in the most wonderful way . . .

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