Air Dry

I opened up the windows in my office today.

It’s chilly out, and they were not open for very long, but sometimes a girl needs fresh air inside. I get fresh air outside when I walk Jack, or sit out back, but there’s something different when outside sweeps through my inside, my closed off.

I tend to bundle up, mole up, in the winter time. Oh, let’s not lie, I tend to mole up most of the time, but occasionally I’ll hear the muffled sounds of the birds, or see the wind outside my window, moving the trees, and I feel something.

I could go outside, it’s right there. Instead I want to open myself up and invite it. It’s different. Sunshine through a window is different than being out in the sunshine. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s context.

Being out in the world, on a walk or climbing something is a vast canvas, an openness that is hard to grasp. Beautiful in it’s expanse, but big. Loud, even if it’s silent. When I invite nature in, she spills like a trickle through my tiny openings and touches me. Brightens my room, clears out the gloom, in a way I can almost hold. It’s really lovely.

So, today I wasted a little warmth in exchange for a bird’s song, cleaned out some cobwebs.

My thoughts from the laundry room. I’m Awake.

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  1. That’s what is so special about Springtime. I love Spring cleaning and opening the windows to get rid of those winter blues. The fresh air as it circulates in your home, airing it out. Great way to open up the lungs and bring nature inside.

  2. Your imagery is right on point. There is always a difference between seeing snow on a screen and feeling pallets pierce your skin; and a blizzard on the news and diving into a snowbank to make angels. To feel it, to touch it, to know its smell. Wonderful, just wonderful.

  3. “When outside sweeps through my inside, my closed off.” I love the imagery, and understand exactly what you mean. I need a little bit of fresh to come sweeping through my insides today…thanks for the inspiration.

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