I might be addicted to Wintergreen Life Savers.

I wasn’t aware a person could become addicted to Life Savers, save the rainbow candy ones. I thought wintergreen was safe, but I now have mint burn on my tongue because I’ve been eating handfuls of these suckers every day.

I’m trying to escape the “just one more” death spiral that usually only happens with Tootsie Rolls.

It started out simple enough, I have two jars on my desk—one for Jack’s treats and one for my treats. I sit at my computer a lot, so I need something light. As much as I like the concept of keeping M&Ms or Tootsie Rolls at my desk for those times I just want something sweet, that is not how I am made. Remember the jelly beans?

If I were to put anything remotely yummy in that jar, I’d have to refill it every night and size up my jeans once a quarter.

Mints are supposed to be like . . . air. I didn’t even know they counted as calories. They are a onesie twosie type of thing. People don’t chow down on mints or eat so many that they skip dinner. That is not a thing people do, unless that person is me and the mints are wintergreen.

They are individually wrapped and a hard candy. I thought all snack control protocols were in place, but the wrappers are super easy to open and the mints are that perfect, soft enough that they don’t hurt my teeth and crunchy enough to be fun, balance.

I finished the last bag yesterday and I can’t feel my esophagus anymore. I’m sure that will wear off eventually, right?

In the meantime, the jar is empty. I’m quitting cold turkey. Maybe I should try Jack’s treats, they don’t look fun at all.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Mint on My Pillow.

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  1. my husband is addicted to butterscotch candies–not the fancy Werther’s, but the cheaper ones you get in the supermarket aisle. I don’t like them, or the aftertaste, but they make you keep coming back for just another handful. I finally realized that you don’t eat one, you eat many. And the stuff they put in them leaves a coating on my teeth, so it was easy to just go cold butterscotch–as long as I don’t get that first one, I’ll be fine.
    Now, we work on quitting onion/sourcream Ruffles potato chips.

  2. Any treat that’s within my reach for most of my work day wouldn’t stand a chance. I usually bury that kind of stuff in the bottom of my purse, in the closet, behind my coat. They last a little longer that way. 😊 Good luck.

  3. I cured myself cold turkey off dark chocolate coated chewy marshmallows–had to eat my stash of leftover Santas and Valentine Hearts. But, my new snack is a sack of “Sweet and Salty Popcorn” which is like a “Poppycock” without the pecans and almonds. So Tracy–please let me know if Jack’s treats works for you. . . .

  4. Ummm doesn’t the “non” sugar stuff in mints suppose to give you exploding diarrhea?!?!

    Bahahaha… I’m looking forward to reading that blog!

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