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Pain. Is physical pain worse than emotional pain?  I tend to think the emotional is harder to endure.  Losing a child, or even watching a child hurting, is far worse than physically giving birth to that same child.  I’m not saying that was a treat, but there is not an epidural for emotional pain.  You can’t…

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I am a stitch, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I saw the Gebelein Man (Ginger) at the British Museum today.  I’ve seen him before, but this time my thoughts are lingering.   He was a young man, wounded in the shoulder, and buried in a shallow grave. The hot sand mummified him over…

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Torn Jacket

A boy at my children’s high school was voted homecoming king this past week. The entire student body had a chance to nominate.  Finalists were chosen.  Those students where then put on a ballot and the king was selected. I remember high school.  I remember the kids that were always chosen for these types of things.  They were…

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