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Tighty Whitey

I spend a lot of time in the car, so I often entertain myself by people watching on the freeway. For those of you that don’t have an hour commute, let me tell you it can be fascinating. Occasionally I’ll see a driver that for one reason or another will make me laugh out loud…

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Express Wash

Patience is something I do not have… I am not a patient person and there has been some fallout. I am not a good cook. I cook everything on high and I rush putting the meal together because I do not have patience. My children look at me sometimes like I am a raving lunatic…

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New Shoes

Yesterday I turned 36 years old. Thirty-six. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those “Oh, my God where did the time go!” types. I know where the time went and I have been present for all of it, but I am getting older. I got a really early start on life. I…

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