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Red Sweater

“He wasn’t always a pillar of ice. His warmth and good deeds were repaid with deceit and betrayal until little by little a chill took over.” -Donna Lynn Hope There’s cheating and then there’s betrayal. On the surface they seem to be the same, but they are not.  Cheating is breaking a rule, a promise,…

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White Sheet

I’m lost, broken down the middle of my heart. I have playlists that I listen to while I write.  Sometimes I work in silence if I’m arguing with myself, but for the most part there’s music.  I listen to the gamut. This song is on my “Time to Write About Ache” playlist.  I really love…

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Tight Trunks

Some days are good days and others are “fill that stupid water thing I’m supposed to use for hiking up with premium vodka and strap it to me” days. I can usually feel a bad day coming on.  It’s been a crappy week or I know things are brewing.  I follow the monthly horoscope, I…

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Protective Gear

I never liked dodgeball in school. Actually, I only remember playing it once and I was slammed with the ball before I even knew what hit me. I don’t like getting hurt.  Physically or emotionally, pain is not my thing.  I don’t mind being physically sore or even emotionally pissed off, but I try to…

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Rough Water

I wasn’t going to write about this, but my question needs to be asked, so here goes… I’m confused about the George Zimmerman verdict.  To my knowledge, this man was investigated the night of and following the tragic incident.  Police made the determination, after reviewing the facts, that Zimmerman was overzealous, didn’t follow the directions…

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Another Unraveling Hem

Hold on, hold on to yourself…this is gonna hurt like hell. I posted this just under a year ago.  In light of Boston and Texas, it seems appropriate.  Songs convey emotion that words alone can not. Loss is universal and the pain reminds us all that we can hurt in ways we never knew possible.…

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Basketball Jersey

Sometimes when we are in town, and always on Fridays, we go to this great coffee place called Lux.  It’s hard to describe Lux, but it’s kitschy and cool and mismatched, it all comes together and the energy is pretty special. On Friday’s they have a DJ that has a grey foo man choo.  He’s…

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Drop Waist Skirt

I fell on Friday. I’ve been hiking Piestewa Peak (Squaw Peak) for almost a year.  I hike the summit trail and it’s taken me a long time to get up to speed.  When I first started my knees really hurt on the decent so I wore straps on my knees. Eventually I built up my…

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Unraveling Hem

Hold on, hold on to yourself…this is gonna hurt like hell. Her lyrics are so pure that they actually pull at my soul some times. This is one of those songs and her voice is perfect.  Enjoy. That’s all from the laundry room.  Breathe.

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