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Robes of Gold

It’s graduation week. Katlyn will graduate from high school on Saturday, but before the actual ceremony, we attended a Baccalaureate Mass last night. She goes to a Catholic High School. We’re not Catholic, so it makes for some interesting events and conversation. After I got past Michael commenting that the lead up to communion took…

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Hospital Gown

When I was young I loved Cracker Jacks.  There was a store just down the hill from my house that used to sell the small boxes. The carmely corn was yummy, but I bought Cracker Jacks for the surprise. Wrapped in red and white striped paper with the  sailor guy on it, I loved the…

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Easter Boots

Today is Easter and we all went for a hike after breakfast. If you’re a Christian, you believe today is the day Jesus rose from the dead.  It is a time of renewal and celebration. If you’re not a Christian it is a beautiful Sunday in April that ushers in Spring.  It is a time…

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