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Food Stains

I like food. I’ve tried a lot of it.  I’m really good at eating and I rarely discriminate. Sushi, falafel, matzo ball soup, chicken and waffles, just waffles.  There’s nothing better than a great calzone, or a slice of good pizza, the kind you can fold up and eat properly.  Eggplant parmesan…”Yes, can I get…

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Boyfriend Jeans

I had to buy a new pair of spin shoes. I mean I guess I didn’t have to, but the ones I have are almost a year old and they’re not as pretty as some of the other shoes in class.  They’re losing their structure, they’re a little sloppy.  For those of you that don’t…

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Beautifully Tailored

Editing a manuscript is like a spin class. There’s something already there, my body’s not bad, but with a little effort it could be better.  Tighter, leaner, more…defined. When I edit I start at the beginning, I can’t just move in and out of chapters because I lose track of where I’m at and then…

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