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Hot Topic

This is important.  This post is number 300. For the 300th time I am sitting at my computer to write a post about something in or on my mind.  This one needs to be good, it needs to inspire.  This is a milestone. Now that I think about it, three hundred is not really that…

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Gardening Gloves

My hands still smell like garlic. I washed them at least three times last night and again this morning, but as I type, I still catch a whiff.  I can’t cook, so I’m often relegated to prep work.  I really don’t chop well either, but sometimes I like to help out.  I minced garlic last…

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Hopscotch Pattern

Beer. I’m so sick of beer. I just passed a new restaurant opening up called HopDaddy – Beer and Burgers. How original! When did beer become more than just…well, beer? It’s now the bagel place, yogurt shop, wine bar of yesterday. Remember for the longest time there was a bagel shop on every corner? That…

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