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This is important.  This post is number 300.

For the 300th time I am sitting at my computer to write a post about something in or on my mind.  This one needs to be good, it needs to inspire.  This is a milestone.

Now that I think about it, three hundred is not really that many posts.  This blog has been around for just over 6 years.  If I posted even once a week during all those years, I would have at least 336 posts.  In 2009, I only blogged three measly times.

So, I’m actually an underachiever.  This isn’t important at all.  Whew, good news.

I hate pressure.  On with the post…

Why is it that I always scald the crap out of the top of my mouth when I eat pizza?

I can see it’s hot, I know the cheese will slap up onto the roof of my mouth like one of those nasty sticky hands you get in a vending machine.  The oily mess will sear into my tender mouth skin and produce an instant blister.  I will drop the pizza, do the breathing thing and proclaim that the pizza is hot.

After asking myself why I always make the same mistake, I will spend the next two or three days moving my tongue over the hanging piece of skin that is my stupidity scar until it finally falls off and heals.

The next time I have pizza…I will do it all over again.

As with most of my other 299 posts, I have decided this is a metaphor.  My blisters in life may be caused by the same things that push me to bite into the pizza far too soon.

I lack patience, the ability to be still and wait.  I’m usually thinking two steps ahead instead of living in the moment.  I rarely relax, I never learned to play games.  If I just took the time to enjoy football or basketball, I would have a distraction at the pizza parlor until my pizza cooled, and finally my mouth always gets me into trouble.

I should work on some of these things.  Make changes that will benefit the roof of my mouth and my overall well being. Maybe this is a good time to start my list of goals for the new year.  Before you know it, it will be a new year.  My first goal should be to live in the moment.  Wait…

My thoughts from the laundry room.  298 Sheep, 299 Sheep, 300 Sheep!

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  1. You make me feel downright prolific, TE. I just hit post #600 (in just under 4 years) on Thanksgiving.

    I’m not one who’s likely to make a New Year’s to-do list, but I think I can safely say I plan to eat more pizza now that I fully recognize its metaphoric qualities. I’ll let it cool some though; I hate mouthburn, unless of course it occurs as a result of words just burning to be said….

    300 more, please…and soon.

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