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Dirty Laundry

  We have a well at our house.  We get our water from the ground. For those of you that I have lost already, don’t think Laura Ingalls gathering with a bucket type of well.  Think big electric box thing and a huge tank that fills with water.  That water is then pumped into our…

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New Dryer

I sit sweating at the back of a room I’ve never been before. Years of rehearsed excuses taunt. I’m not like these people, not as bad. A woman stands. “Hello, my name is Sara and I’m . . .” I close the door behind me.

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There’s Wait and then there’s Stay. According to Jack’s trainer, these two commands are very different. Wait means, “Hang on a minute and then I will ask you to come to me.  There’s a sense of anxiety with wait, an anticipation.” Stay means, “Stay where you are and when I’m ready, I will come for you.…

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Peddle Pushers

I learned to ride a bike when I was eleven. We lived in Bronxville, New York.  Santa brought me a burgundy Ross bike for Christmas.  My first real bike, and while I was excited about the idea of being a bike rider, the actual process eluded me.  I would sit and stare at my bike while thoughts of…

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Matchstick Jeans

Jack usually picks up a stick on his walk. It started on the first or second walk and now he does it most of the time.  He finds a stick and carries it in his mouth all the way home.  Sometimes it’s a little twig, other times it’s big and covered in growth or dirt.  We…

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Some people never find the right person.  Wonderful, solid relationships elude them due to their own issues, timing, or their choice of partner.  Broken hearts travel through life wishing, wondering what it will take to have what everyone else seems to have found. I’ve spent my life feeling this way about dogs.  My past is littered…

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Know Your Fabrics

A giraffe’s heart is two feet long and can weigh up to 25 pounds. I subscribe to this magazine called Mental Floss.  It’s fun and there are all of these neato facts.  This past issue was called “Big Questions!”  It included things like, Who invented the word twitter?  (Chaucer, in case you’re interested.) and why we have eyebrows.…

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Feather Skirt

I spent my thirty minute tea time on Pinterest this morning.  Which means I feel like I should travel more, workout more, buy a Frenchie now and get married again, but this time at a vineyard with a long flowing gown. For the most part, Pinterest is a catalyst for inadequacy, a waste of time,…

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Italian Wool

I will learn Italian this year. That being said, let’s be very clear on the definition of “learn.”  In my mind “learn” is that I can go to Italy and get around, I can speak basic phrases, order yummy food and ask directions.  “Learn” may also include having brief and slow conversation, but that’s about…

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