Ring Around the Collar

I was driving to pick up my children from their music lessons and I was not having a good day.  

Work had just been overwhelming that day and I was talking to my higher power.  I asked for guidance and asked for help sorting out some of the craziness in my life.  I was in my car feeling sorry for myself and asking for some direction.  I got to the entrance of their lesson and I had to cross three lanes of traffic going the other way.

“Of course!!!!” 

It was insane.  There were so many cars.  It was seemed like a metaphor for my life at that moment.  

Too much.  

There was no way I was going to get through all of this life/traffic.  And then I looked to my left… 

This small man in a wheelchair was waiving his hands from the sidewalk.  He began to move into the first lane of traffic.  

What is this guy doing?  

Is he going to try and cross in a wheelchair in the middle of all this traffic?  

Is he crazy?  

He continued to waive his hands and put them up in the air as if to say “Stop”.  One by one each lane stopped, some people were not happy, but they stopped.  

I was a little irked myself…go ahead guy, make my life even more complicated then it already is…go ahead.  And then it happened…

The man, clearly homeless and missing one of his legs, raised his hand and motioned for me to turn.  Me, in my SUV, going to pick up my three healthy children from their music lessons.  I am sure I sat there for a minute and then I finally came to and turned.  I was stunned.  

I pulled over next to him and said, “That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.  Thank you.”

“Well, I knew they would stop for me, the wheelchair and all, and you looked like you needed some help.  My name is Joe and yours?”

“My name is Tracy and Thank you so much.”

“You take care of yourself Tracy and have a safe and blessed evening.”

I drove across the parking lot and picked up my children and by the time I turned around Joe was gone.  

I have picked my children up since and I have never seen him again, but I think about him and his selfless act almost every day.  

I have been alive for 36 years and while people have been nice to me, I have never experienced anything like this man.  He was ethereal and he had nothing.  He could have been bitter and selfish and I would not have blamed him.  Life, it appeared, had not been good to him.  He did not have the cushions and conveniences of life and yet he had something I did not, perspective.  He was just happy to be alive and happy to help.

That day, he was there for me.  I will be eternally grateful.  Thank you, Joe!

That is all from the laundry room. 

Sweet Sweet Dreams!

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