I’m going to take a minute and share some of my thoughts on new music…

Jakob Dylan – Came out with a new album this week. I love him, okay Michael…I love his music…and his eyes. Anyway, his new album is different and a little country, but I like it and the lyrics are incredible. Rare these days.

P Diddy – He has teamed up with American Idol (How much longer is this going to be on? Please say the end is near.) And he is introducing his new group, wait for it…Dirty Money. Really? Why? Is this really relevant anymore? Are we still supposed to believe that prancing around with the fat wad of cash and the bi*$@hes is how people really live their lives? I thought The Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” said it all. You’re a caricature, but then again so is American Idol so maybe they’re perfect together.

Madonna – Released a live album from her tour. Stop…just stop!

Jack Johson – Grew his hair out and has released the first song off his new album. I like it. He’s so mellow…I wish I was mellow.

Ludacris – He’s my new guilty pleasure. I can not listen to his solo stuff because I’m just not hip enough (and something about comparing women to chicken messes with my sensibilities), but every time he does a guest spot (Is it called that?) on another artist’s song I love to listen to him. “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz (What kind of name is that?) is spending time on my iPod just so I can hear the Ludacris parts.

Those are my musical meanderings from the laundry room tonight.


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