Cone Bra

I like her and I like her music.

She’s weird and freaky and does the unexpected. At the same time she’s not hurting anyone. She’s not ripping anyone apart or sitting in judgement. She is an entertainer, not a political analyst or a martyr. She wears weird costumes and sings to a great back beat. She’s not trying to be a role model (well maybe she is for people who want to be nutty and feel weird about it).

Lately we have so many entertainers that expand their reach into areas I just don’t want them in. It is so easy if you live in Beverly Hills to pass judgement, or more often minimize issues that face the majority of the world. Nothing is simple in the real world.

Problems are complex and there are people with extensive backgrounds working on many of these issues. They may not get the limelight in a telethon, but I want them working on my problems not a handful of entertainers. I like my entertainers to be artsy and fun and entertaining.

I like my entertainers a little GaGa. She’s great and that’s all I have to say from the laundry room tonight.

Slip on Something Silky!

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