If this were a serious blog, if I really meant business, I’d write an enlightening perspective on the healthcare reform.

If I were chic or fashionable, I’d discuss something pithy like a new interior design trend or the latest in summer footwear.

Crafty Moms, Super Moms, Working Moms, they write posts about clever shortcuts or great recipes.

Here’s how my blog works.

I sit down and sometimes I have something I want to talk about or a thought I had about something. Then there are times I have nothing specific to say, but I feel the need to write. On those days I pick the first word that pops into my head, hope it spurs some kind of thought and I go with it.

Not serious or chic or super anything.

Unfortunately for anyone reading this post the word that popped into my mind on this less than inspired evening was…process. Sigh…sorry.

I was recently getting a pedicure and the woman next to me heard that I’d written a book. She was just the nicest woman and she began asking me about my process.

What inspired me to write a book? Why Catalina? Do I work with an outline?

It felt a bit like an interview, but with lots of foot rubbing, so that was nice. She listened to my pieced together answers and when I left I wondered if she was a bit disappointed.

I was going through a really crappy time in my life and I wanted to be anywhere other than in my reality, so I started writing.

I love Catalina and have been there so many times. There’s an energy that I wanted to try and capture on the written page.

No outline, I create characters and live with them (really happy there was a curtain between us because I didn’t want to see the look on her face), I write them into scenes and then try to piece the scenes together.

My answers, while honest, weren’t very sexy or exciting. I think that may be because I’m not sure what my process is. It’s just what happens to me, hard to put into words and it feels private.

I need to work on this private process business. People are interested in process.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Don’t Dream About Spreadsheets.

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  1. It is the juice, so true. I never know how to describe it and I’m always fascinated that people even care. I get the interest in the final product, but the interest in an individual process seems weird to me. Thanks for introducing “Martha Stewarted” to me…I keeping that one.

  2. That is FREAKY! I was thinking about process all last week. That is the juice! That is why people read a blog. It is getting to know how someone thinks from a point of view of not verbally hearing it.
    Keep this process thread going. When something is too staged I just think it is too Martha Stewarted. I loved the line about having a curtain between us. That is the blog reality. There is a curtain to hide the visual feedback so the writer can let their guard down.

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