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This picture is the final piece.  The laundry room is now in place and my Pinterest Life is all set and ready to go.

I have great books and movies, some casual clothes for my every day treks through Paris and Rome, but most of the time I’ll be wearing gowns.  Yes, that’s right all of the beautiful designer gowns I’ve collected in my Pinterest Life, I will be wearing those.

I have a million places to go, so I’ll need to get started right away.  Michael likes to plan and I’m sure he’ll plan even in the Pinterest Life.   Some places I will revisit and then there’s always the Someday Board places to meander through.  Things will not be dull and all of the fabulous shoes I will be wearing with my gowns will be surprisingly comfortable.  There’s great food for Michael to cook and all kinds of bunt cakes and cookies.  We will not starve.

I even have a Visuals Board for when I need quiet moments of reflection, I want to ponder the intricacies of a vintage wooden box, or just spend an evening giggling by candlelight, in a hammock with my children. I will have time for all of this in my Pinterest Life.  I will wear hats, eat pancakes for breakfast, wear naughty underwear and awesome rain boots (maybe not together, actually definitely together).

I realize life can not always be great lighting, flat abs and perfect gardens and on those days when my long legs just aren’t photo ready, or my magnificent dog just won’t behave, on those days when the men on my Man Board are cranky and my floor to ceiling library needs dusting, I will turn to my Words Board for inspiration and strength.  If that doesn’t work, there’s always the Drinky Poo Board.

Yes, my Pinterest Life is complete.  It’s just waiting, but I seem to have missed the part in the tutorial where it tells me how to “launch the life”.  Is there a “Go” button or do I need to arrive at the train station and run into a wall at 9 3/4 with my complete set of vintage Louis Vuitton Luggage?

My delusions from the laundry room.  1500 Egyptian Cotton, Please.

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  1. The ceiling lighting seems to bring a sense calm, compared that to a public laundromat, it may offer an inspiration for future public laundromats. Also, the wooden ceiling is way totally awesome.

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