Clean Up

Granted it was all balancing on a relaxing weekend, but with car and laundry clean, I was optimistic.

Five minutes into the Monday commute, a gooey glop hit my shiny weekend window.

Fragile is the state that simple bird crap can topple.


Prompt this week…Why do birds suddenly appear?

writing Yeah Write

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  1. Ha! I have been there, only I was on a bicycle. :-/ That’s a really good way to make any day feel like a Monday. Great answer to the question! Thanks for linking it up.

  2. Ah this gave me a laugh.. lovely take on the prompt, and yes, bird crap can definitely topple fragile (and other) states… love the last line, it’s fabulously crafted!

  3. Bird crap can bring out those emotions we don’t want to let out, especially if you’ve just left the car wash.

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