Blood Stain


I once tried a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

I’m sorry no matter how you pretty up the packaging—no. Cookies are a very specific kind of happiness that can not, should not, be changed up. Butter is important.

I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon PETA’s website. I think it was something on Twitter, which I still have no clue how to navigate, but there was an article on Whole Foods. They are in trouble with PETA over their labeling. What I knew about PETA, prior to stumbling over my Twitter, could fit into a bag of properly baked cookies.

I knew they threw paint on people who wore fur. That they often had their spokespeople pose naked to solicit attention for their causes. I was pretty sure everyone that supported PETA was a vegetarian or a vegan. I don’t like or wear fur and I enjoy my burgers medium-rare, so PETA never made it past my doesn’t-pertain-to-me filter.

I should probably let more things through, care about more, but my brain health is limited by the fact that I still get lost picking someone up at the airport, so I need to be careful.

I skimmed over the article on Whole Foods. I was a bit disappointed, but I’ve suspected for a while now that organic and natural have gone from a necessary step to a green fields marketing money maker. I added to my mental list that I needed to be more vigilant, pay closer attention because I don’t eat animals that were not raised properly.

As part of the big bullying humans, it is the very least I can do.

I was preparing to click the website closed and then my eyes landed on the video Face Your Food. I had a lot to do, I didn’t have time to sit on PETA’s website. I should have closed down, finished my taxes, but I didn’t. I tapped play.

I will never ever be the same. I honestly wish I’d never watched it because I live by some version of Maya Angelou’s “Once you know better, you must do better.”

What played out over the eight minutes on my monitor had nothing to do with propaganda. It wasn’t about being an Independent, Democrat, or Republican. What I saw was atrocious on any level, in any country. It should keep the meat eater up at night, as well as the vegan.

I didn’t provide a link because I’m not sure I recommend that anyone watch it. I was on their site for over an hour and sick to my stomach by the time I finally turned away.

What has happened to us? When did “more and faster” silence right and wrong? Is it the gluttony of fast food or the massive grocery stores?

If a mere half of what I watched is true, if only parts are accurate, we have lost our humanity. There’s no need to worry about heaven or hell because if this is the respect we have for her, Mother Nature is certain to finish us off.

How we treat others, all others, from a dairy cow to the bees, is a reflection of who we are at our core. This has nothing to do with eating meat or hunting vs. only eating plants, this is lazy and so ugly.

There is no reason for us to behave this way. I trust no one now, with or without a recycled flyer, and until I find a local farm that I can inspect myself, my cookies are going to suck.

My thoughts from the laundry room. Scoot Over.

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  1. I am vegan … For simple justice for the voiceless. The world is certainly a very different place .. I could never kill an animal, but by buying a slaughtered soul means I’m paying someone else too do that job. Imagine doing that day in day out. The darkness within those people. (??!!!??)
    I know how retching it is to watch any of that reality .. But we simply MUST, because when push comes to shove & connivence comes to effort – we need to have the knowledge to fall back on, push us past the path of easy, always done that way.
    Keep researching
    Keep evolving
    What’s the point in keeping quiet when the silence is deadly enough as it is.
    I don’t view sharing knowledge as preachy.
    I am enthused to be a part of the change this world needs.
    I love learning – I love people sharing what they know.
    I’ve always got off on asking questions.
    My knowledge makes a massive difference. My two children grow up knowing the truth, my partner learns to change (in small ways) … every vegan ALWAYS remembers the first vegan they met. Don’t let the stream of judgment haunt you…let the compassion continually fill you & spread to everyone you know.
    Be their voice.
    Be your choice.

  2. I’m vegan.

    The reason I chose to be vegan is that I watched one of those videos and the idea that I was contributing to that industry haunted me.

    I choose not to try to make anyone else make the same choice (although I’d happily encourage and support), because I think people only change when they make the decision for themselves. Unfortunately, I think preachy vegans make people annoyed and stubborn (stubbornness trumps compassion and even guilt every time in my experience).

    It’s not easy being vegan, but it’s a lot easier than having that on my conscience. I know realistically my choice makes no difference, because I’m one person out of billions, but you know, one loose pebble can start a rockfall.

  3. I’m not sure I want to see that video. In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.

    Somewhere along the path we met a fork in the road, with a sign pointing one way saying ‘Humanity’ and the other saying ‘Skip the Toll!’

    We need to retrace our steps.

  4. Well, Buffalo tasted good, but I would never murder a buffalo for its meat / steak. I have only murdered one animal, a doe, and the entire event / experience, both horrible and surreal as feck. Taught me that deer do cry, and that just as human families, deer families also bolt in shear panic (suffer PTSD) in shear horror of watching their siblings / daughter die a horrid and unnecessary death (speaking upon human wars). Neither I nor ’her (doe’s) family’ will ever forget or rather erase that entire horrid seen from our heats and memories. It was the only and last time I ever killed (took an innocent life) in the name of ‘Hunting’.

    -It sickens be to know about the farmed food industry.

    -Also to state that I once had the opportunity to watch a documentary of a desert mouse. The Videographer’s placed a glass window / den wall into a underground den / burrow of a desert mouse, and they filmed her (The mother desert mouse) birth her little male (baby boy) mouse, filmed many weeks, the mother above ground, rushing out from the safety of her ‘Den’ to capture beetles and such to bring back and feed herself and her little baby boy mouse.

    -Then one moonlit night she darted running across the sands for food, and a sudden strike of a Rattlesnake clutched her in the snake’s jaws, fangs injecting poisonous venom, she ran a few steps and fell over twitching.

    -Her baby boy mouse had been watching the entire event. He ran back down into his den, and in great agony he leapt and flung himself madly about, in great torment of having watched his mother die before his very eyes. The Videographer’s making the documentary were shocked.
    -As well as I, because it proved that animals do love, and do suffer of broken hearts. I have remembered, re-watching that documentary over and again played out within my mind, every time I read of some pompous skeptic blatantly stating that animals do not and cannot feel and express love as do humans. I was ounce a wall flower, living in a innocent mindset of a violent world, the learn of nature and life, and the Human Species. I am convinced that humans are the plague of this earth, and many species as well fall within the same category…

    -I am an Omnivore but one of great conviction. But never will I kill (hunt) again.

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