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Sprinklers. I like sprinklers. I like the Ch…Ch…ChChCh sound they make. I like their consistency. The sound of sprinklers either retires a hard fought day, or it welcomes a new day’s possibilities. No one ever runs their sprinklers during the details of the day. I live in the desert, so I do not have sprinklers…

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Cold Water with Like Colors

“What are the directions?” I asked my 7 year old daughter when she told me we needed to do a Book Mobile for her reading book Chocolate Fever. She replied that there were no instructions she was just supposed to put pictures and fun things from the book on paper and tape them to a…

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Express Wash

Patience is something I do not have… I am not a patient person and there has been some fallout. I am not a good cook. I cook everything on high and I rush putting the meal together because I do not have patience. My children look at me sometimes like I am a raving lunatic…

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