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Elie Saab

This picture is the final piece.  The laundry room is now in place and my Pinterest Life is all set and ready to go. I have great books and movies, some casual clothes for my every day treks through Paris and Rome, but most of the time I’ll be wearing gowns.  Yes, that’s right all…

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I was at the gym today. I know…so many riveting posts begin with “I was at the gym”, but I promise not to launch into how many squat thrusts I did because I’m not even sure what those are.  I mention the gym only as an explanation for how I found myself noticing a woman…

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Dryer Lint

Often times my mind begins to overflow. I am, as we all are, inundated with information whether we want it or not. Some information is good. It’s important to be informed and even entertained. But sometimes, some of the information is like knowing every word to Hello by Lionel Richie even though you hated the…

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