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Sock Basket

No one wants to be alone. Life is just better when you travel with others. These are phrases often heard during dinner parties, touted by self help gurus and generally understood within our culture. In response, we pair up or find a group we have things in common with or get on facebook and reconnect…

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Silk Thread

Michiko Shinohara was my friend in the third grade. We traded stickers every day during lunch and she taught me how to do Origami. She was a wiz at folding paper and I was always amazed by the things she could create. She even made a balloon once. Folded a square piece of paper for…

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Bring On the Stains

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were doing a story on robots and how they can now be used as security guards and even soldiers. It was a very interesting piece on an up and coming technology, but it freaked me out. This man was talking about how these robots feel no pain,…

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