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When I was young, around nine, my mother and I moved back to New York to take care of my grandmother.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer. I don’t really have many memories of her that are not in a house dress, or gansey as she called it.  She had a mastectomy and back in…

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Sunshine Yellow Pants

It appears that lately my blog has been a bit melancholy.  Breast Cancer, 9/11 and heartbreak while important and relevant when taken all at once can be…sad. So, I feel the need for a little sunshine. Katlyn came home from high school yesterday inspired.  I know those two things seem mutually exclusive, but she was…

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Hospital Gown

When I was young I loved Cracker Jacks.  There was a store just down the hill from my house that used to sell the small boxes. The carmely corn was yummy, but I bought Cracker Jacks for the surprise. Wrapped in red and white striped paper with the  sailor guy on it, I loved the…

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Old Shirt

I’m famous for saying, “I would love to live Seattle.”  “I could live in London in a minute.  The rain doesn’t bother me.” “I don’t know why I live in this damn state.  I would move in a minute.” Today was the first sunny day we have had in Phoenix, Arizona for quite some time.…

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Vintage Scarf

I found one of my old journals last night.  Below was my entry on January 6, 2005. I am thankful and more aware of just how blessed I am. I am thankful for: The early morning through my half open eyes when I get to sleep in A foot rub right in the arch of…

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